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Make informed decisions with our calendar of major economic and political events affecting the global market.


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The economic calendar is a tool that provides up-to-the-minute information about important economic events and announcements impacting financial markets. It is essential for performing fundamental analysis, and helping traders anticipate market movements, manage risks, and seize opportunities. With this tool, traders can stay informed about events that influence the market and make more informed trading decisions.

The economic calendar contains information about major economic events, political news, and their impacts on the market. These events are used as economic indicators.

The calendar shows the time and date of indicator releases, the currency affected, and each indicator's impact level. Most indicators have numerical values, expressed as percentages or currency values, reflecting their potential positive or negative impact.

Our Forex calendar is divided into three columns:

  • Previous — the indicator's value during the last period (usually month or year).
  • Forecast — the estimated value is based on surveys of 20-240 economists.
  • Actual — the value published by an official source, such as a national statistics agency or an analytical center.

Click on specific indicators to access additional information and graphs showing value changes by month or year.

By following these steps, you can effectively navigate the economic calendar and make informed trading decisions:

  1. Filter for relevance: Use filters to see just the indicators relevant to your Forex trading. You can select specific currencies or indicator impacts.
  2. Set your time zone: Choose the most convenient time zone at the top of our Forex trading calendar.
  3. Analyze numeric values: Use indicators' numeric values to evaluate market changes:

    - If the actual value is lower than forecast, the currency is likely to rise.
    - If the actual value is higher than forecast, the currency is likely to fall.
  4. Consider previous values: Apply similar logic to previous and forecast values before the actual data is released. However, forecasts are preliminary, and actual figures may differ significantly.

Financial events are typically scheduled in advance, with predictions available in the forecast column of our economic calendar. Traders can use this information to open positions based on their expectations of economic indicator reports. Some traders prefer to avoid rapid price movements by steering clear of trading the news rather than using the economic calendar.

Various trading news strategies exist, so it's important to choose one that suits your trading style. FBS provides traders with all the necessary services and information. Be sure to check our Market Analytics page for insights into potential market movements.

Even if you don't trade news, it's essential to regularly check the economic calendar or stay informed about current events, as they can significantly impact market volatility.

By staying informed and effectively using the economic calendar, you can make better trading decisions and navigate the market more confidently.

Our economic events calendar is automatically updated as reports come out. FBS strives to provide timely updates but cannot be held responsible for any delays due to the high volume of trading news events.

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