For advanced traders

Course 1. Mastering Japanese candlesticks

If you want to become a good technical analyst, you need Japanese candlesticks. In this course, you will get everything you need to know about Japanese candlesticks and learn how to use them in your trades.

  • Lesson 1. Japanese candlesticks: core basicsPrepare to dive into the awesome world of Japanese candlesticks! This lesson will allow you to understand their structure and main types.

  • Lesson 2. Reversal candlestick patternsIn this lesson, you will turn into a true analyst who sees the price changes beforehand. Time to see the whole pack of the reversal candlestick patterns!

  • Lesson 3. Continuation candlestick patternsApart from reversal candlestick patterns, another group of patterns signals continuation of a trend. In this lesson you will see the most famous out of them, try to find them on charts and see how to avoid traps!

  • Lesson 4. Candlestick strategiesLearn two new awesome strategies that require the knowledge of Japanese candlestick patterns and see how they work with different instruments.

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